Announcement regarding Fraser Street Medical (FSM) Family Physician:

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Dr Young will be taking on another consultant role outside of FSM as of April 30th 2018 and will be reducing her work to 2 half days per week. Dr. Young is committed to FSM and family medicine and will be able to continue with a proportion of her patients. She and Fraser Street Medical have been working hard to find a replacement physician for those patients who will need to be transferred. Despite our best efforts to recruit another physician to practice share with Dr Young, we have NOT been able to find another physician.

As a result, for those patients who have received a notification in email or mail that Dr. Young CANNOT continue with them, please contact us via email ( in APRIL to book with any one of the following physicians (Dr. Daniel Ngui, Dr. Syed Haq, or Dr. Anthony Villaruel) to ensure continuity of care during a new patient visit.

Please make sure you do contact us before October 31, 2018 to ensure a spot with the new doctor.

If you are keen to continue with Dr Young, please make an appointment to discuss with her.

Thank you

Dr. Claire Young

Fraser Street Medical