Ocean Kiosk in 2020

By | December 03rd, 2019 | Comments Off on Ocean Kiosk in 2020
Coming after the first quarter of 2020, FSM will be investing in Ocean by CognisantMD. We are investing in Ocean to provide patients with Hassle-Free and Easy online booking with no registration, login or passwords required.
Why Should Patients Use an Ocean Kiosk?
  • The Ocean Kiosk can streamline check-in without having to wait, you can check your current demographics and contact information and you can help to reduce the burden on front-desk staff. With the easy-to-use heath card swipe, you can automatically complete and clinical forms, provide your email consent,  notify their doctor they have “arrived” at the clinic and more.
  • Mobile-friendly and you can use your mobile device.
  • You will get Automatic email notifications and appointment reminders.
  • Cancel or re-book using a simple email link.
  • You can book as many visits as are required, taking into consideration your physician will review with you an inappropriate booking.