Former Patients of Dr. Simon Ngui

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Dear Former Patients of Dr. Simon Ngui,

Dr. Simon Ngui is still on a medical leave of absence; however, given it has been over 3-months, our clinic is no longer able to offer any services for former patients as we have been unable to find a replacement clinician.

Since November 2020, we have been suggesting that his former patients search for a new health care provider.

We are now closing the files of all of Dr. Simon Ngui’s former patients as the 3-months have passed.  We are unable to book appointments due to a lack of clinicians able to help provide walk-in care and suggest you need to look elsewhere to access help.

If you have been able to find a new clinician, please notify us via email  at your earliest convenience so we may close your file.  To have your medical file transferred to your new clinician, please have your new clinician’s office fax a signed Patient Records Transfer Request form.  Please email our office for additional information such as associated fees.


How to find a new clinician:

To find a new clinician near you, please visit Pathways Medical Care Directory to find a family doctor/practitioner by selecting your city/town.


The files of all of Dr. Simon Ngui’s former patients have been closed.  Only if you live in close proximity to the clinic AND have a health condition that puts you at risk we can extend emergency care for one month. Only if you have an urgent health need, please call in to book. We will be triaging your conditions and reason for visit prior to booking.   

For those of you who put yourself on a waitlist, we will be emailing you to close your file. 


Nurse Practitioners:

The only clinicians available to take patients are the nurse practitioners.

Patients whom wish to stay at our clinic and have one of our Nurse Practitioners as their primary provider may apply to our wait-list.  To apply, please email a completed and signed New Patient Intake Form.

We are unable to provide an estimated date for the first visit with the Nurse Practitioner as there is a long wait-list.


Once again, Dr. Simon Ngui and FSM would like to extend a wholehearted thank you to all of his former patients for their past and current support.


Kind regards,
Dr. Simon Ngui and the FSM Team