For Dr. Doorley’s Patients

By | June 02nd, 2021 | Comments Off on For Dr. Doorley’s Patients
Dear Former Patients of Dr. Doorley, 
Dr. Doorley is officially informing you that she will be closing her medical practice at Fraser Street Medical Clinic on September 3rd  2021, as she is relocating outside of Canada. 
At the time of writing, we have not found a replacement to take over her practice, but a search is underway. Dr. Doorley’s patients are welcome to continue to see her until she leaves, but we highly recommend that you begin looking for a new doctor, in case there is a delay in finding one to take her place. It is advisable that you find a new physician for future care as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the physicians at FSM do not have the capacity to accept new patients at this time. However, we do have 2 nurse practitioners, Patrick Teodosio and Timothy Kwok, who are accepting patients right away.
As well, the Pathways Medical Care website can be a helpful resource to begin searching for physicians accepting new patients. Many patients are able to find a new Primary Care Physician by working through a network of family and friends. Alternatively, you should also be aware that walk in clinics are obliged to provide longitudinal care to patients seen on an episodic basis but we truly recommend a full service family practice or NP practice for long term care. 
Your medical records will remain at Fraser Street Medical Clinic, unless the clinic receives written authorisation from you to transfer them to another physician. Please note that there is a fee associated with the transfer of medical records. 
Dr Eithne Doorley and FSM