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For 2022, FSM will be offering flu shots, tetanus (every 10-years), and pneumovax-23 ONLY during in-office appointments for our own patients.

FSM is working with our new next door pharmacy to help ensure all our patients get protection this flu season with vaccination.

Naz’s Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy whom we are partnering with to provide the best comprehensive care for our patients.

You can book online with them at Get Vaccinated, walk-in to ask, or kindly contact the pharmacy directly at 604-323-1268.

For any patient who does not have an in-person visit, FSM and Naz are working together to get your vaccines outside of your doctor’s visit including private pay Shingrix, Gardasil, Hepatitis Vaccines, Prevnar 13 or 20, Boostrix or Adacel.

  • a. Influenza vaccines, including the Fluzone HD should be available by Mid October 2022.
  • b. Covid-19 Vaccines will begin on 10 October 2022.


FSM and Naz’s Pharmacy must charge a private fee for private vaccinations as per government regulations.

Naz’s Pharmacy will fax a one page summary of your vaccinations for 2022 (“Vaccine Record 2022“) with relevant info for patients of FSM.

If you would still prefer to get vaccinated at FSM, you can still book online for a publicly funded flu/tetanus/pneumovax-23 vaccination by emailing to book with your own primary/most responsible provider.



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