Nurse Practitioners are primary care clinicians that provide comprehensive care including the diagnosis and management of disease/illness, prescribing medications, ordering/interpreting laboratory/diagnostic tests, and initiating referrals to specialists. Nurse Practitioners work as independent primary care providers and develop a patient panel similar to a Family Physician. At Fraser Street Medical Clinic, Nurse Practitioners work in collaboration with other providers in the clinic by cross covering and ensuring optimum patient care for all who attend the clinic.

The CDM Nurse works with family physicians to support management of patients with chronic illness. In addition to the role, CDM Nurse carries out other clinical tasks such as baby wellness, immunizations, taking vital signs, administer medication, patient education, and many more.

We try to accommodate all patients who have an urgent issue. We have appointments that you can book in advance, but we also save same-day appointments available for when your medical issue is of a more urgent nature.

Fraser Street Medical has walk in appointments only for our own registered patients. Our regular hours are Monday-Friday from 8:15 AM-5:00 PM, Saturday from 8:00 AM-12:00 PM (closing time varies on Saturdays) to help with same day urgent visits for our patients.

We try our best to accommodate walk in patients, and will try to fit you in with your own doctor, depending on availability. However, wait times can fluctuate depending on how busy we are; our staff can usually give you a general idea of how long the wait may be.

  1. For each appointment, please bring all your medications/drugs and health supplements.
  2. Notify your doctor of any change in your medical condition or medications or failure to improve after a suggested treatment.
  3. When you call, please let the receptionist know the reason for your visit to help us plan. If you require any FORMS or PAPERWORK done, please tell the receptionist and physician right away.
  4. If you require English translation, please bring a family member or have them available via cellular phone during your appointment time for us to call.
  5. Please respond to recall requests and invitations to spend more time with your doctor and our team.

Fraser Street Medical Family doctors and our team will:

  • Provide you with the best care that we can
  • Coordinate any specialty care that you need
  • Offer you timely access to care to the best of our ability
  • Maintain an ongoing record of your health
  • Keep you up-to-date on any changes to the services offered at our office
  • Communicate with you honestly and openly to address your health care needs.

We are a group practice and all our FSM physicians are here to help your family doctor take care of you. Feel free to book with other doctors if your doctor is unavailable, as building your medical record at FSM improves your care.

We specialize in chronic disease management. If you have any chronic disease and are taking more than 5 medications, you can have a special visit with FSM’s CDM team. Please ask your family doctor if you qualify for our enhanced care through our Chronic Disease Management Program with our team of clinical pharmacists, nurses, residents and our special chronic disease programs.

For easier and faster access FSM has implemented an e-booking system. Patients can book their appointment electronically. We are offering easier access to booking through email booking and upcoming online scheduling.

We are located on the east side of Fraser Street, off of the intersection of East 43rd and Fraser Street.

Free parking can be found in front of the clinic and side streets or in the FREE public parking lot half a block west of Fraser Street between 43rd and 45th.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, Fraser Street Medical is now offering Telehealth and phone appointments. Email for more information.

Doctors typically will not do phone consultations for normal results. Health Insurance BC does provide a 24 hour Nurses Hotline available to BC residents. The number is 811 or 1-866-215-4700. You can also access health information and check your symptoms online at

If you have an urgent health issue, its best to come in for a full assessment and review in person with your doctors or any of our physician team members any time during our hours, Monday to Friday 8:15 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday from 8:15 AM until 12:00 PM (closing time varies on Saturdays).

Your family physician should assess and discuss with you first any health issues. If appropriate, they will refer you on to a specialist if you require further care depending on the specialists availability.

We do not give out results over the phone. However, if there is anything to discuss, your family doctor or our nurse may try to call you. Please make sure we have your cellular number or we cannot contact you. Should a result come in that doctor needs to discuss with you, we will call you and make an appointment.

The receptionists are not permitted to give out results.

The province of BC along with Excelleris have launched a website that allows BC patients secure access to their lab results. Please go to for more information and how to sign up.

You can apply for BC Medical after arriving from another province after a 3 month waiting period. If you need to see a doctor within that period, you should still be covered under your previous provinces plan.

Please call 811 or visit ( website) for more information on how to apply for Health Insurance in BC.

We typically charge you and provide you with a bill where you can apply for reimbursement from your provincial health plan. Please keep in mind that some things such as pap smears and other optional preventative visits may not be covered by your provincial plan.

Yes, there are fees to see the doctor if you are not from Canada. The initial consultation fee is $100. Should you need x-rays or lab work or any other testing, there will be fees billed to you through the lab or x-ray facility. There may also be further fees involved should you need another visit and care after the initial consult. The receptionists are very good at giving you an idea of what you may have to pay for, but they can’t give you the final number until after you see the doctor.

Yes. There will be a consultation fee of $50 billed to Canadian citizens who do not have any provincial health plan. You must also be aware that you will also have to pay for any tests ordered by the doctor.

Cosmetic procedures, such as some mole removals, certain liquid nitrogen treatments and most forms such as insurance forms, back to work or sick notes are not covered. Driver’s medicals, school, camp and some other physicals are also not covered by the medical services plan as per their rules about what is deemed medically necessary. Please notify us when booking and when you check if you are unsure about any procedure or paperwork you need filled out.

We are trying to deal with all the urgent medical issues of all our patients and requests for same day visits. Although we have 7 physicians and a large health care team, we do our best to pick up all calls.

We are continually trying to educate our patients about appropriate phone calls, utilizing self service online e-booking, and accessing same day visits for urgent issues.

Our regular hours on Monday-Friday are 8:15 AM-5:00PM  and Saturday from 8:15AM until 12:00pm (closing time varies on Saturdays).

If we have patients in front of us we will ask if we can put you on hold. If you go through to voicemail, please leave a message. If you are on hold for longer than 3 minutes, perhaps hang up and call again.

Sometimes there is only one MOA in the office and we can get pulled away from the front desk by one of the doctors.