A comprehensive hearing assessment is available at Fraser Street Medical, which includes a full assessment of hearing ability, speech understanding ability, and an assessment of outer ear/middle ear/and inner ear. This assessment will be conducted by Dr. Katarina Vavrovicova, Au.D., RAUD, RHIP, a registered doctor of audiology from Echo Hearing Care in collaboration with Fraser […]

For 2022, FSM will be offering flu shots, tetanus (every 10-years), and pneumovax-23 ONLY during in-office appointments for our own patients. FSM is working with our new next door pharmacy to help ensure all our patients get protection this flu season with vaccination. Naz’s Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy whom we are partnering with to provide the […]

Dear Patients, The B.C. Family Doctors featured a new post on their website titled COVID-19 Sick Note Requests.  A direct link to the post may be found a the bottom of this page.   January 20, 2022 “Physicians are facing an increase in requests for sick notes as Omicron case counts rise and new BC legislation is […]

Clinicare Pharmacists are back at Fraser Street Medical beginning July 7th, 2021 to help you manage your complex medication regimens. If you are on multiple medications and live with chronic diseases, we are here to help. We work with your doctors and nurses to ensure you are on the optimal treatment for your medical conditions. […]

Dear Former Patients of Dr. Doorley,    Dr. Doorley is officially informing you that she will be closing her medical practice at Fraser Street Medical Clinic on September 3rd  2021, as she is relocating outside of Canada.    At the time of writing, we have not found a replacement to take over her practice, but […]